Wearable Devices

Our wearable devices are the key to the Iris platform, powering both the sensors within the body and communicating via IVN with your phone.

Silicon Nanowires

To gain a deeper understanding of your health, we use silicon nanowires to monitor key biomarkers - the tiny traces of disease before symptoms.


By using sensors smaller than red blood cells, we closely monitor our customers' health. Our sensors can fit within a stent in the bloodstream.

Artifical Intelligence

All recorded health data gets sent to our AI algorithms, where actionable and valuable insights about your health are relayed via the Iris app. Additionally, our AI algorithms predict future complications.

The Iris App

A sleek, user-friendly app provides a dashboard and visual representation for a real-time view of your internal health.

In-Vivo Networking

Developed by researchers at MIT, this novel radio frequency communication system uses multiple RF generators to communicate with sensors embedded deep within tissues.

Frequently asked questions

How can we help you?

At Iris, we emphasize trust and communication. Iris is an all-in-one platform, so we understand if you have any questions. Here are some that are frequently asked:

Absolutely. Security is our biggest priority, especially when we want to create a healthier future. All user data is heavily encrypted through leading cryptographic hash functions, ensuring maximum security.

Any disease, disorder, or illness with a unique biomarker can be diagnosed with our sensors. Endocrine diseases, cancer, Type 1+2 Diabetes, Thyroid cancer, and so many other diseases can be diangosed with amazing accuracy due to the ability of silicon nanowires to sense amino acids.

The Iris app is a personal healthcare app, where you can track numerous metrics like the levels of different amino acids, hormones, your stress levels, and so much more. The Iris app constantly sends you updated results, giving you a comprehensive view of your health, along with valuable health recommendations to prevent any risks.