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Ambitious teenagers looking to solve some of the biggest global problems.

Everyone at Iris is super passionate about creating a better future with exponential technologies! At Iris, we value innovation, passion, and so much more. It's these values that keep us devoted to the Iris users, and the Iris platform. Everyone at Iris is envisioning a better tomorrow, and we believe Iris is the beginning of that.

Khalid Filali


Khalid is a Blockchain developer and Quantum Computing Enthusiast. He is passionate about solving global issues with exponential technologies like quantum computing, blockchain, and so much more!


Eliza Aguhar


Eliza is a 16-year-old molecular biology enthusiast and aspiring journalist. Her research in CRISPR has allowed her to work on several projects, including algae biofuels, to help solve climate change. Eliza is an IBM and SXSW speaker, as well as a contributor at CRISPR Report.


Freeman Jiang


Freeman is a 17-year-old cellular agriculture enthusiast and polymath. A multidisciplinary learner, he loves to combine different fields together. He has researched computer vision, generative adversarial networks and myosatellite cells in cultured meat production.

Our Values

Above anything, Iris is about people

People Committed

At Iris, every customer matters. We're devoted to creating a better future for everyone, by focusing on who matters most, you.


We've built a workplace where we are open about everything, from future plans to company operations. Our workplace culture has also influenced the Iris platform, where we make sure every customer knows everything, with no hidden secrets.

Forward Thinking

With every decision, we strive for forward thinking. From the Iris team to the Iris platform, we plan for the future, and we devote everything in order to acheive the future we desire.

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